Soares kicks off reelection campaign with rallies

Soares has been holding campaign rallies around Albany County.

Soares has been holding campaign rallies around Albany County. Submitted Photo

— Albany County District Attorney David Soares is brushing off attacks from his opponent, Lee Kindlon, saying they’re nothing he hasn’t heard before and he doesn’t expect voters to feed into them.

“I don’t have any response to the absurdity that is coming from the opposition. When you look at the campaign and the present opposition, semantically, it seems like I’m reliving my past campaigns all over again,” said Soares. “The same things, the same issues that people of Albany County have rejected in primaries and in the general election dating back to 2004.”

Soares, who announced he would seek a third term on June 4, kicked off a series of campaign rallies on Tuesday, June 26, where he talked to supporters, reflected on his accomplishments and laid out his platform.

Kindlon, on the other hand, got his campaign started early, announcing Dec. 1, 2011, his intent to challenge Soares in the primary.

“Over the course of the past year or so … I’ve realized the criminal justice system wasn’t working for really anybody involved; the cops, the lawyers, victims,” said Kindlon. “In a larger sense, it wasn’t working for taxpayers of Albany County.”

Kindlon has sent out regular press releases targeting Soares and his office, calling for him to be more transparent and publically release “all pertinent information relating to his schedule.” Kindlon said as district attorney he would disclose online a “detailed accounting” of his daily schedule.

Kindlon also called out Soares on the recent censure case that found him “guilty of professional misconduct” after he was sued by a Florida pharmacy and weighed in on a judge’s determination that Soares failed to follow procedure in the termination of a staff member.

“This was a very simple personnel procedure that Soares should have been familiar with. It is an absolute embarrassment to the office and a mind-boggling waste of taxpayer money,” wrote Kindlon in the release.

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