Soares kicks off reelection campaign with rallies

Soares has been holding campaign rallies around Albany County.

Soares has been holding campaign rallies around Albany County. Submitted Photo

— Soares, though, said the DA’s office is functioning just fine. While Kindlon alleges that crime in the county is up while conviction rates are down, Soares said he’s proud of his office’s prosecution record.

“We’ve amassed a wonderful record in many areas, specifically our DWI prosecutions and the achievements we’ve been able to see in the areas of white collar crime prosecutions,” said Soares.

Soares created a Financial Crimes Bureau to combat fraud, implemented a “Making Crime Pay” program which uses money confiscated from criminals to purchase needed equipment for local police departments and created Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT), an outreach program providing assistance to the elderly.

Kindlon said besides addressing “waste and mismanagement” he believes to be rampant in Soares’ office, he plans to focus on “making sure victims are put first” and will reform the juvenile justice system if elected.

Soares said his office’s victim services have been groundbreaking.

“What we provided in terms of victim services to victims of crimes has never been done before,” said Soares. We’ve enhanced our services that we’re providing to victims in the Special Victims Unit.”

If reelected, Soares said he plans to continue hammering away at the goals he set for himself at the beginning of his tenure. Ramping up work on street crimes, catching more drug kingpins, tackling cyber crime and addressing crimes against senior citizens and pets are high on his list.

“The thing about an office like the Albany County DA is you have to think of it in terms of General Motors, where you have so many different divisions and as the DA I have set goals for each one of our bureaus and I have strong leadership in each of these bureaus and they continue to deliver,” said Soares.

According to Kindlon, he has a vision and plan that voters want.

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