Editorial: Let arguments ring

So even the birth of American freedom, which this country has so recently celebrated, took place on a backdrop of fear, uncertainty and conflict.

The next time you see a placard-waving mob screaming obscenities at other sign-toting hotheads, take some solace in the fact this is nothing new and we as a people have survived to this day. The fact we have these debates, vitriolic as they may be, is a grand achievement of civilization that cannot be ignored. Back in the old days, it was considered acceptable — nay, fashionable — for two men to settle disagreements by meeting up in a field and calmly blasting at one another with pistols. So at least we’ve graduated from literal assassinations to that of the character type.

Let this be a small comfort to those of us disillusioned with how our leaders bicker and squabble over everything. At least it’s nothing new. Perhaps in a few centuries, they’ll be celebrated alongside the Founding Fathers as paragons of sensibility. It is amazing, after all, what the passage of time can do.

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