POV: The next big thing in social media

However, I’ve noticed it has disappeared and faded to MySpace status. Why did this not blow up like Twitter? Well, when you break it down, it was a simple news sharing site. The interaction between users and readers was merely showing overall popularity, not individual details. With little in the way of customization and individual interaction, it seems that a site cannot gain widespread popularity. People love to be unique and to be noticed. It helps them stand out and be themselves.

That being said, I feel there are a number of up-and-comers still out there. A blogging website, Tumblr, has really risen in popularity over the past few years. Although blogging is not new the Internet, this website is winning those over I’ve spoken to.

With over 50 million blogs on Tumblr, it clearly has a strong and growing population. What this site does to differentiate itself from the other blog sites is that it allows customization of style, pictures, information and allows “reblogging” of others’ posts. While it may not sound groundbreaking, in 2011, Tumblr sharing rates increased by over 1,000 percent. The site is mainly used by people in their 20s and even teens, but websites such as Twitter and Facebook were also chiefly used by that demographic before becoming such an important tool to others.

Another site that makes sharing a centerpiece is Pinterest. When surfing other sites, I am sometimes asked if I would like to “pin” the pictures, along with the other basic sharing options. Pinterest allows users to post pictures and connect others with the interesting photos they put up. Users can organize their Pinterest profile and “re-pin” content. The website is young, but hopefully it can achieve a greater popularity instead of becoming “pinactive.”

While sites like Pinterest and Tumblr do not appear at first glance, they can be useful for a business, just look at Twitter or Facebook. A site that allowed users to post pictures and give a one or two sentence updates about their life turned into an important business staple overnight and created a whole new marketing field. That alone shows that no matter how casual these websites seem, they can easily expand and become useful to everyone, whether they be in business, government or even journalism.

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