Letter: Sidewalk service good place to save

Editor, The Spotlight:

After reading the Times Union and the Spotlight articles about Bethlehem’s budget shortfall, I have to comment on one item not listed in any of the proposed cutbacks from the Budget Committee: Plowing your own sidewalk.

After living in Albany from 35 years before moving here, it was not a problem having homeowners clear their own sidewalks. For the very few who didn’t, if there was a complaint, the city would send a crew after a few days to clear it and the homeowners would be billed. If they didn’t pay, it would be added to their property tax bill.

Although there may be some instances that plowing by the town for some long stretches may be necessary, this seems like an obvious significant cost saving measure that’s not even mentioned. I know of no other town that plows every sidewalk in the entire town.

There are requests for building more sidewalks regularly including in last week’s Spotlight. Raising our property taxes to continue this practice is not what I expect to see from a responsible attempt at avoiding a significant tax increase this year!

James Murray


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