Editorial: Whistle while you shop

Show of hands, who likes weekly chores?

That’s what we thought. Even getting outside to do the weekly yard work, which seemed so nice in the spring, gets old pretty quick. Then there’s the cleaning, the laundry, the shopping ...

If you’re feeling in the doldrums about all this, you can throw your weekly trip to the grocer a curveball and spend some time at a local farmers market, which are opening for the summer this week all over the Capital District.

If you haven’t ever been to a farmers market, you’re missing out. In theory, it’s a lot like a grocery store — you go there, look around for the products you want, buy them and go home. But in practice, the experience is a lot more than a chore.

For starters, farmers markets bring with them a certain amount of unpredictability. Farmers, bakers and craftspeople bring to market what they have to sell. Things change a little every time the market opens.

So rather than putting your cart on autopilot and wheeling through a store, where everything is in the same place as you last saw it, you have to think on your feet a bit. You might not have the same options every week. But what that encourages is a little ingenuity on your part.

Now that fair weather is here to stay, most farmers markets have either moved to or opened anew their outdoor locations. On a nice day, you really can’t beat shopping outside. Who wouldn’t want to stroll the market under the sunlight rather than spend yet another hour out of the week under fluorescent lighting?

And while you’re there, you may have the opportunity to grab a snack or even a full meal. Restaurants and other food vendors have become increasingly common at the larger markets in our area, which can make doing the shopping a treat rather than a solitary slog.

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