Letter: Voters to blame for poor politics

Editor, The Spotlight:

Poor Bethlehem. A Republican Party that cannot even field credible candidates, a Democratic Party that appears to be at war with itself, an Independence Party which is really Democrat Light, and various left wing elements, all jousting to do what? On top of that we are beset by retired state bureaucrats who think years of managing nothing make them qualified to run the town. Let’s not even get started on double dipping.

Add to that, school budget issues that are constant irritants no matter what side you are on. Throughout all the months of budget hearings relatively few people bother to make it to the meetings except for those having their ox gored. After all the work is done, politicians and self appointed experts come out of the woodworks to register frequently uninformed opinions.

So, Jared King is right about one thing. The School Board believes that union matters are none of the taxpayers business despite rulings by the NYS Committee on Open Government. Clyne is right about Clarkson but has no one to blame but himself and his party. Who knows what Smolinsky and his clique are up to. Now another bureaucrat wants to run for Town Board. No, really – no really!

Who is to blame for all this? Sorry to say it is an apathetic and apparently brain dead electorate. 21,000 registered voters should be able to do better, no matter which party or lack thereof they profess. Perhaps we need a Bethlehem Taxpayers Party.

Philip W. Carter


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