Seniors show off their talent

Local leg of nationwide contest comes to Colonie Manor

Diane Buyer demonstrated watercolor painting for the "Bring Your Talent" contest.

Diane Buyer demonstrated watercolor painting for the "Bring Your Talent" contest. Alyssa Jung

— She’s a self-taught artist, creating works in charcoal and pencil, but she said watercolor is her forte. And, while she didn’t seriously start painting until about 1986, the signs were always there.

“I’ve always liked to color in coloring books. When I was a little girl, I would shade in the pictures,” said Buyer. “My mother and father gave me my first set of paints when I was a teenager.”

Years later, Buyer found herself on the road for work, and that’s when she found time for painting. She has private collections in Holland, China, Japan and Spain.

“When you’re in a motel room, it gets lonely so I’d take my paints with me, and I’d paint in the evening to relax myself after the business day and prepare for the next day,” she said.

Her specialty is children – not portraits but scenes of activity like Norman Rockwell was known for.

After Buyer’s part art, part comedy contest entry, Beverly Oudt and Colonie Manor resident Dolly Bachman played the piano, followed by Megan Moran playing “The Star Spangled Banner” on her violin on behalf of her grandfather and Carol Chico reciting the “The Star Spangled Banner” in honor of Flag Day and for her mother.

“I said ‘I’m going to stand on my head and play the piano upside down,’ but I’m going to have to change my ‘tune’ because I ate too much,” said Oudt.

Oudt has no connection to Colonie Manor — she’s not a resident and doesn’t have a family member who is. DiNova said she just saw a sign for the contest and decided to enter.

Entries are being submitted online at www.freerentgiveaway.com. Contestants should film a video displaying their chosen talent and upload it online for a chance to win.

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