Letter: Colonial Acres is above par

There isn’t much out there that’s self sustaining. That’s why there is taxes. The Town of Bethlehem is one of the best base amenity towns around. The truth is the town has a great road system and clean streets because of the Highway Department, a very sound water and sewer infrastructure because of the DPW, and the broad recreational activities and quality parks of the Parks and Rec Dept. All this puts Bethlehem above and beyond so many other towns.

Just know that it’s not just an average golf course in an average town with average people. It is a town that is above the norm because of the variety of great things here. The golf course is one of the highest environmental award winning golf courses in the U.S. and has won over 12 National and State Awards. Including Pataki’s Pollution Prevention Award and the National EPA P-Track Outreach Award. The only golf course ever to win these. It has been written about in 25 different articles including National Parks and Rec Magazine, Golf Digest, and Wall Street Journal.

Last year was tough for all courses not just ours. My crew and myself are working hard to reverse this. You might be saying to yourself that all this is to keep my crews and my jobs and you’ve got a point. But all this is still the truth.

Let me make one thing clear. If closing the golf course saves the Town of Bethlehem and peoples’ jobs and eases the taxpayer’s burden than I can’t argue against it. It would be selfish and wrong for me to do that and that’s not my way. I just hope there is a better way somewhere, somehow, that we can keep it all including the ice rink for people to enjoy. I am sorry for the down year last year. Thank you for your time and take care.

Patrick Blum

Colonial Acres Golf Course Superintendent

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