Editorial: A pile of garbage (fees)

Thank goodness the fair people of Niskayuna will not have to endure this nightmare scenario.

Instead, those who actually don’t want the service and wish to forgo the fee must go down to Town Hall to see the town clerk. And with the clerk window’s convenient hours (Monday through Friday, 9 to 5) we’re sure busy townsfolk will have absolutely no trouble going out of their way.

(And yes, we realize you can obtain the services of a notary elsewhere, but not always for free.)

I guess forcing the inconvenience on folks is a small price to pay. Or, and here’s a really wild idea, the town could cross check those who opt out with those who have paid the fee. Surely, Niskayuna has Excel.

If we were prone to conspiracy theories, we’d side with Councilman Jonathan McKinney and suppose this notarization requirement is a hurdle designed to make the people of Niskayuna pipe down and pay a fee on which this year’s budget was partly balanced.

But that would just be ridiculous.

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