Editorial: A fireable offense

No one is sacked when offensive and selfish redistricting lines are drawn up, or when they stonewall efforts to reform the state’s ineffective ethics policies so they can continue milking their elected offices for personal gain. And certainly no one loses their job when they spend more time locked in power struggles with the other party than doing the business of the people.

This situation isn’t about Roy McDonald, or what he thinks about gay marriage. He may be a lot of things, including a decade-long veteran of this do-nothing statehouse, but if McDonald or any other politician were going to be run out of town on a rail, we’d hope it would be done to make way for leaders who can right the course of this ship, not because of a social issue that — to be perfectly frank — will not affect New Yorkers nearly as much as a bevy of other ongoing catastrophes.

So we’ll take the actions of GOP leaders in Saratoga County as the signal that at long last, the political machine is ready and willing to reassess its policy of backing the same candidates year after disappointing year. Maybe they’ll look beyond a vote on one hot-button issue and to the whole of the slow-motion car wreck this legislature has become.

Because if party leadership in New York really thinks this makes more of a difference than the real problems this state’s people face, then they’re even more out of touch than the politicians. And that’s saying something.

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