Twins show 'there will always be love'

Sisters pen children's book about autism

Twin sisters Jocelyn and Jessica Davis wrote and illustrated a children's book about autism.

Twin sisters Jocelyn and Jessica Davis wrote and illustrated a children's book about autism. Submitted Photo

— If there’s one thing Jocelyn Davis learned growing up beside a twin sister with autism, it’s that there will always be love.

“We’re all human and have differences and there will always be love, and that’s what you need to look at when you approach any type of person that’s different than you,” said Jocelyn.

Jocelyn learned the concept of love and acceptance at a very young age. The way she learned that lesson, though, was anything but loving or accepting.

“It was very hard, especially being in the same grade and sometimes being in the same class, to see how people treated Jessica because they didn’t understand who she was, what she was about,” said Jocelyn.

To her classmates, Jocelyn’s sister, Jessica, was weird. But to her family and those who knew better, Jessica was just Jessica.

“She wasn’t weird, she just processed thoughts and things that she saw differently,” said Jocelyn.

In fact, it seemed everyone knew Jessica was a little different even before she did.

“For my older sister and twin sister, I’m not sure when they found out exactly but they definitely knew before I did,” said Jessica. “There wasn’t a lot that my parents could do. For me, eventually they explained to me, sat me down, told me what I was and what it was.”

Navigating childhood, as twins and individuals, wasn’t always easy, so Jocelyn and Jessica have come up with something they hope will help kids in similar situations cope. They’ve written and illustrated a book, “There Will Always Be Love,” published in February.

“I thought it would be really interesting for me to share my point of view of growing up with Jessica,” said Jocelyn. “I wanted to write it in the point of view of somebody who was just realizing the differences in their sister and themselves.”

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