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Thinking back (my age showing here) I remember when you called a friend and there was no such thing as call waiting. The line was busy, you hung up and waited. Then there was the pager, but there was a pay phone to be found on every corner back then, too.

Now, there are so many gadgets, I can’t even keep track and not sure if I could distinguish an iPhone from an MP3 Player.

All this technology is great, please don’t get me wrong. It is wonderful to know that I can program my DVR player from work so I don’t miss a favorite TV show, or make plans with friends through texting. The other wonderful thing is all the jobs that it creates.

The problem? Real customer service can get lost in all this technology. We do not really own the gadgets we have purchased. They own us. Thus, the people who are employed at these companies have the answers we need and so, we are at their mercy. This is not always a comforting thing. Customer service has suffered where technology has soared.

There are many options when trying to receive customer service. Here are just a few.

Using the computer. Everything now has a website connected to it, but unless you are computer savvy, it can be difficult to navigate through all the pages to get what you actually want... An answer to your problem.

Making a phone call should be one of the easiest ways to receive customer service, but notice I did not say “good customer service”. One should not feel “dumb” for calling because they cannot understand something, but it happens. This is not just in relation with the gadgets we have, but with all the services that we deal with daily or even just asking a simple question.

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