The hard-earned money that we spend entitles us to full, proper service. I cringe when I think someone may have treated my mother badly on the phone or talked an elderly person into something “extra” they really did not need. The old saying of “The customer is always right,” may not always be true, mistakes do happen, but that does not mean that they should not receive the best service when they call, stop by or email.

We all at some point will deal with an unruly customer. We all at some point may be that unruly customer. But if I have chosen to be in the profession of customer service, then there is a certain standard that I must uphold.

Customer service representatives will not always make every customer happy, but think about the ones who do. That one voice can speak volumes. There will also be that one customer who rants and raves and uses words that are not in the dictionary. No one should have to deal with that type of abuse, so there are limits. Each situation with a customer will be unique and should be handled respectively.

My mom always says, “Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy.” I say this to all customer service representatives. A customer may upset you, make you angry or take your smile away briefly, but do not allow one angry customer to dictate your mood, tone or professionalism toward the next customer. I am no customer service guru by any means. We receive what we put out.

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