Letter: Rec center a benefit to few

Editor, The Spotlight,

I’ve been following the comments in this and other papers regarding the proposed rec center in Niskayuna, and I have noticed that the people who are “pro” seem to have comments such as “My son would be able to practice his corner kicks” or “My daughter won’t have to get dirty now”; their only concern seems to be that their child not be inconvenienced, put out in any way, or have to “make do”.

As a longtime resident and taxpayer in Niskayuna, my opposition to this facility is based on my concern for ALL of the taxpayers; does anybody really believe that this won’t cost the taxpayers anything? The town board members who are pushing for this center say that any shortfalls in operation costs will be made up from the Parks fund; what about after they’ve drained that fund dry? Also, will town trucks and personnel be used to plow the parking lot and maintain the facility (all taxpayer funded) or do they plan on paying a private firm to perform these duties? To focus so much money on a facility that will benefit a miniscule percentage of the town, especially in these difficult economic times, is irresponsible and short-sighted.

If the town can’t afford to pick up yard waste anymore (which benefits ALL homeowners), how can they afford this? Their time would be better spent finding ways to give the homeowner some tax relief instead of looking for more ways to frivolously spend money (that white elephant of a skateboarding park is a prime example). Not everyone in Niskayuna has a large income and a McMansion, and with the constant increases in taxes, gas, etc. far outstripping any COLAs we may receive, it is extremely galling to see something like this even on the table. I challenge the town board to put their country club mentality aside and start working for ALL of the taxpayers of the town.

If you oppose the rec center, please let all of the members of the town board know; your voices need to be heard on this.

Jill Hogan

Niskayuna resident

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