New program of mutual benefit assists those who served

— Murray found out about the program through Saratoga’s Town Supervisor Tom Wood and was the first business in Saratoga County to sign on with the program. Prior to participating in RTF, he provided landscaping to buildings in the county connected to veterans such as the Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery in Quaker Springs and the women’s Veterans home onRoute 50.

“I just think that our veterans are forgotten sometimes. We dohave the holiday in November, but throughout the rest of the year I don’t thinkthat they’re honored enough and I was very pleased that our county picked upthis program and enacted it because it gives everybody in the business community another option to thank them for their service,” said Murray.

Karen Christensen and Kevin Jablonski own Mack Brook Farm in Argyle where they raise beef cattle and sell grass-fed beef from a retail space on their farm. Christensen was made aware of the program through a customer whowas in the military. Both had children serve in the military and say that itwas a good fit for them to join in RTF. Erik Weiss, Christensen’s son andJablonski’s son Jason both served in Iraq.

Christensen says that they consider themselves a military family,and even without that connection they would have participated in RTF. MackBrook Farm offers a 10 percent discount to veterans on all of their cuts ofmeat.

“We do feel strongly that these men and women are sacrificing above and beyond and we wanted to do more than just give lip service. We wanted to do something specific, it’s a small thing but it’s the thing we can do,” shesaid.

For more information on RTF, contact your county clerk’s office or your local veteran’s service agency.For programs in Albany and Saratoga counties visit saratogacountyny.gov/departmentsand albanycounty.com/veterans/favor.

There is another program also called Return the FAVOR based in Kansas City, MO but is not connected inany way to the RTF program discussed in this article.

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