Editorial: Debate reveals deep issues

Maybe that doesn’t rise to the level of a cover up, but transparent government it is certainly not. Even if the writing was on the wall, the public deserves more than a shrug and an eye roll from its elected leaders on a matter that’s becomes so big.

So now that we’ve had our moment of scolding, what next? Let’s turn the focus back to the rec center itself, which is not dead on arrival but simply on life support.

We’d suggest when it is taken back up the town should dramatically reassess its plans. From what we heard from residents the opposition is more about ideology than rental rates and contractor fees.

The establishment of a public-private agreement sets something of a tricky precedence for the Town of Niskayuna. What group will approach the town next for help with its dream project? When that

happens, leaders will be put in the awkward position of playing favorites.

We’d suggest the town either divest itself entirely from the rec center project or throw itself all in. If this is truly what families in Niskayuna want and it will be a smashing economic success, then build the thing without private money and open up special times and rates to all Niskayuna clubs, not just the ones able to raise $100,000.

But if this project is simply not possible without $200,000 of private money, then we ask the town to reassess its priorities. And that goes for members of the Town Board too, who will hopefully stick to the business of the people when this issue comes back around.

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