POV: The Navy matters

In these challenging times, the U.S. Navy’s job is more important than ever. The President’s defense strategic guidance emphasizes our commitment in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. These vast, maritime areas of the world are ideally suited for naval operations, and areas in which the Navy has maintained a robust presence for decades.

Throughout the world our nation faces many security challenges that threaten our vital interests. We face a terrorist network that has attacked our country before, and vows to do so again. Weak and failed states create havens for groups that seek to do us harm. Unstable regimes are developing nuclear weapons. Emerging powers have begun military buildups to match their economic growth.

To meet these diverse challenges, our Navy is prepared to respond with speed and flexibility, anywhere on Earth. We have state-of-the-art ships, submarines and aircraft, and equipment and weapons that are on the technological cutting edge. But most importantly, we have the best sailors in the world - men and women whose training, motivation and courage make them capable of meeting any challenge. Those Sailors are supported by their families and friends, both here in the Capital District and throughout the United States. We are ready to fight and win today, while always training so we may also win tomorrow. We operate forward, away from the U.S. coasts, in those areas of the world where we need to be to keep the maritime crossroads open, We are ready for any challenge.

What happens on the sea matters. It matters to the global, inter-connected economy, to the preservation of prosperity, to American sovereignty, and to our national defense. A strong Navy preserves the way of life we all cherish. The Navy matters.

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