Morse eyes Breslin's Senate seat

— Morse said his eight years as a county legislator proves he’s been a “strong, independent voice for the people” and he wants to bring that muscle to the state level.

“It’s time for someone to go up to the state and yell, scream, kick, fight and do whatever they have to do until someone listens and helps fix the problems and I’m going to be the one to go up there and deliver that message loud and clear,” said Morse.

He said he wants to restore the quantity and quality of services taxpayers get for their money.

“When they walk out the door, someone’s there to pick up the trash and potholes don’t swallow your car and snow is removed from your street and the fire department has enough people to protect your life; all those services are what matter most to people,” said Morse. “What happened is we’re paying more and getting far less.”

Morse said he also wants power in the Senate to be evened out.

“I think they’ve spent a lot of time embarrassing us when they grapple over who’s going to be the most powerful person in the Senate and leave the little guy brushed aside,” said Morse. “It’s all about the people; it’s their turn to elect someone, it’s their turn to find some relief.”

With the Primary election not until September, Morse is hitting the streets.

“I’m going to get out there and knock on doors all across this county of Albany and Rensselaer and deliver the message that there’s hope, that it’s their turn to put someone in office that’s going to be there for them and we’re going to work hard … until the job is done,” said Morse.

Meanwhile, Breslin said having an opponent won’t change how he approaches his campaign or service.

“I tend to work very hard for every election. I don’t think it’ll change what I do, I’ll continue to work hard,” said Breslin. “I’ll do what I’ve done in the past, which is to protect working men and women, support education that’s fair and also have healthcare available for all.”

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