R’dam DPW head resigns amid probe

Sexual harassment investigation is ongoing, position could remain vacant or part time

— The claim also alleges Griesemer would persistently engage in “retaliatory conduct” when his sexual advances were refused by Carrieri, which allegedly led to a hostile work environment. Carrieri also claims he applied “harsher rules” to her and refused to address her concerns about being required to perform duties outside her scope of employment.

Also, Carrieri claims Griesemer discouraged her from reporting such conduct alleged to have occurred.

“Griesemer threatened or otherwise intimidated (Carrieri) to deter her from reporting his egregious conduct by threatening to make derogatory remarks about her to harm her reputation and credibility, threatening to lie if she reported him, and making statements that, upon information and belief, were intended to give (Carrieri) the impression that if she reported him she would be moved to another Department or otherwise suffer adverse consequences in her employment including, but not limited to, termination,” the claim reads.

The town redacted segments from the notice of claim, such as any mention of Griesemer or Carrieri and alleged dates of incidents.

Joseph Dougherty, Carrieri’s attorney, confirmed various information redacted by the town but declined further comment.

New York State Open Meetings Law permits government agencies to withhold records if a disclosure would result in an “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy” and allows omission of identifying details.

Now, with Griesemer’s position vacant, Buffardi said he would prefer to see it remain empty, or at the most filled part time. Buffardi said the town is discussing ways to streamline operations.

At the Rotterdam Town Board meeting on Wednesday, May 9, after The Spotlight went to print, the board approved a removing more than $10,500, or 26.3 percent, from the Sewer 2 DPW Coordinator budget line.

Councilman Robert Godlewski questioned if the position is planned to remain vacant. The money was being transferred to cover expenses in various accounts.

“Can I assume we are not going to fill that position?” he asked. “I’m little nervous taking that transfer, because if we are going to need that money for the position I don’t think we want to do that now.”

Buffardi continued to say the town is evaluating the department to make it more efficient.

“Certainly, if we can save expenses there (it is) our intention to do so,” Buffardi said. “I don’t know if we are ready to come up with a presentation as to whether we are going to replace it or not.”

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