Expansion of Malta’s highway garage moving forward

Town Supervisor Paul Sausville listens to concerns at Malta's Town Board meeting on Monday, May 7.

Town Supervisor Paul Sausville listens to concerns at Malta's Town Board meeting on Monday, May 7. Photo by Julie Cushine-Rigg.

— Crandall’s said that his goal is to “keep costs down while building a garage that will accommodate the town’s growth for years to come and properly maintain and store over $3 million worth of equipment.”

While there is much support for the expansion, a few board members did express concern for the speed at which the matter was presented and decided upon.

Councilwoman Maggi Ruisi said, “I would just like to make a comment, not necessarily on the resolution but how we got here. Last week we were provided with these numbers. Monday…we had a fifteen minute presentation and a five minute talk and decided on a $2 million figure. I support it and I will vote yes on it but I would ask that next time when we have issues that are this large that we take a little more than five minutes to talk about it. …I would not like to see this happen again.”

Councilperson Tara Thomas agreed with Ruisi’s comments saying, “I too was disappointed in the fact that we received the proposal Monday, on the day of our agenda meeting. That was the first time that this governing body had the opportunity to review it…This is a large financial commitment that the taxpayers will be making, we need to be cautious.”

Councilperson Peter Klotz also weighed in on the issue reminding the board that the proposal was not seen “in its current form until last week.”

“What we’re doing is setting an upper limit, for planning purposes at this point we will not be making the decision to actually spend any money until we see the actual proposals and bids from contractors and so I see this as a step along the way. We have not committed to spending $2 million,” he said.

Nancy Fodera, an administrative assistant with the Highway Department said, “We have to wait 30 days from the resolution vote first then proceed with official blueprints and prep site.”

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