Editorial: Visit us on the go

If you’re anything like the folks here at The Spotlight, you tend to be on the go quite a bit.

And we find people in the big wide world are spending a lot of time inside their own little worlds at the same time through the screen of a phone or tablet. That’s reflected in the type of traffic we record on our website; a growing number of you are using a mobile device to keep up with news and events through spotlightnews.com.

If you’ve done that lately, you’ve no doubt noticed we recently made some changes. Instead of seeing the same interface we rolled out last year, you’ll be presented with a new portal designed with the limited screen real estate of mobile devices in mind.

It is now a lot easier and faster to navigate spotlightnews.com on your phone. You won’t have to do much pinching or spreading, or sit around while your mobile connection labors to download media-heavy content. Instead, things have been streamlined to get you around quickly.

The mobile site isn’t short on functionality, though. At the bottom of the screen you’ll find a number of easy-to-press buttons giving you access to our events listings, photos, blogs and your profile settings. And if you prefer to use the traditional interface, simply hit “Desktop Site” at the bottom of the page.

You should be automatically redirected to the mobile site the next time you visit spotlightnews.com (or bethlehemspotlight.com, coloniespotlight.com, guilderlandspotlight.com, saratogacospotlight.com or schenectadyspotlight.com). You’ll also find a new mobile view at cdparentpages.com and cdseniorspotlight.com.

If you’d like to check it out on your desktop or laptop, simply surf to m.spotlightnews.com.

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