POV: Program all about the right Choices

The author is a volunteer with the Choices 301 anti-DWI program. She resides in Glenmont with her husband and children.

Back in 2009, I read an article in the Times Union about a man named Ed Frank. He had been at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway and spoke to Ed Biittig, Sr. Ed Biittig wrote an article about his turns in life and meeting up with Ed Frank and Choices 301.

I checked out the website of Choices 301 and dropped a note to Ed Frank to tell him to continue the good work. I briefly explained how my daughter, Jacqueline, had died in an accident due to speed back in 2007 and that he should keep spreading the word on safe driving. Shortly after that, Ed contacted me and left a voice mail. He explained in a little more detail about Choices 301 and asked if I wanted to come and speak to a group that was showing up the next week. I didn’t hesitate to call back and say yes. I still don’t hesitate to this day.

Choices 301 came about as the result of Ed Frank and his son, Ed Jr. Ed Jr. was a policeman, like his father, and they loved the stock car racing. Ed Jr. wanted young people to know that speed belonged on the racetrack, not on the highway. Unfortunately, cancer took the life of Ed Jr. four months after he was diagnosed. Ed Sr. carries his message at Choices 301 now.

April through June is the busiest time. Each time I am there, I listen and watch as Ed explains why he runs this program. He takes young people around the room to explain the shoes (a collection to represent victims of drunk driving), the pieces of cars, and the photographs (some very graphic). Each time I am there, I notice something I did not before. Each time I am there, I hope that at least ONE of those students will listen and take something back with them to keep them safe.

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