Town looks to tweak child care options

— Wiest said CYC and the town believe this agreement will achieve all those goals. Part of the agreement requires CYC to hire three new professionals to increase the services available: a registered nurse, a special education coordinator and a psychological educator.

“That will provide more resources for our students that attend the program at the community center,” said Supervisor Paula Mahan.

Another concern of parents was there would be personnel changes that could make their children uncomfortable.

“We’re entrusting our children and I know people think children adjust very easily, and they don’t, and if they walk into a building that’s completely different staff and they’re texting and on the phone while they’re supposed to be watching our children, we’re very concerned,” said Armenia.

According to Wiest, CYC has agreed to do its best to maintain the current employees, many of which are college students.

“CYC has agreed to interview all the current employees and take them on as long as they pass the background check,” said Wiest.

Wiest said the new agreement could be in local children’s best interests.

“It relieves the town of a great deal of liability in terms of being responsible for the welfare of children. CYC, that is its primary business and function,” said Wiest.

Per the agreement, which is still being drawn up by the town’s legal department, CYC would take over administration duties for wraparound programs at the beginning of next school year and wouldn’t acquire summer camp responsibilities until the summer of 2013.

Wiest said the town would gradually decrease its contribution to CYC until it reaches zero, paying $25,000 less each year. CYC would pay rent to the town for use of the community center.

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