Letter: Openness critical in local politics

Editor, The Spotlight:

I had some thoughts about reported skepticism concerning the Bethlehem Reform Democrats.

I am glad the new group, Bethlehem Reform Democrats, has come into being. Any group that brings energy and light to the political process deserves support and introspection by long standing party leaders. To be otherwise disposed is to behave like an old time political boss. Proof of that trait in a leader, one way or the other, is not determined by words alone, though words matter, but whether the leader supports truly open and fair process using all the means possible to do so. I think people will know instinctively whether such a process and openness exists or whether the process is tightly closed and secretive; whether it is inviting and welcoming or cold and indifferent to new ideas and inquiry; and whether the attitude is sustained and genuine or an artifact of campaign and news spotlighting.

We can have better political parties in this Town that focus on bringing sound ideas and sound candidates forward. And when an election is over, most of the electorate expects that the mission of party is to be constructive and supportive of wise outcomes and good governance, and not engage in obstructionism aimed at attaining or maintaining position or power for the sake of position and power. I choose to be hopeful rather than skeptical, but in any case the next few months should be interesting as we see which way the Town Democratic Party tilts.

Carl Ferrentino


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