Letter: Time for a change in Democratic Party

Editor, The Spotlight,

I have been a resident of Delmar since 1971 and a registered Democrat for almost that long. Until the Bethlehem Reform Democrats were formed, I had been completely ignorant about how the Democrat candidates were chosen and the role of committeemen in the process. Better understanding that now, I realize why it is so difficult for persons interested in running on the Democrat ticket whose views may diverge from the long term party heads to gain their party’s support.

I applaud people like Jim Kelly who indicated in his letter on May 16 that he has served for 25 years as a committeeman and Frank Murphy whom he cites for 50 years of service for their willingness to offer their time. At the same time, their extended tenures shine a spotlight on how political machines are fueled.

Our community has changed substantially in the last 25 years, but the membership and control of the Democrat Party has not. If it were not for candidates like Sam Messina and John Clarkson who were willing to confront the intransigent Democrat Party heads, we would be missing the current healthy level of political dialogue we are experiencing in our community.

Onward Bethlehem Reform Democrats.

Hank Steadman


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