POV: Table talk with tots yields fun surprises

This article first appeared in the May 2012 issue of Capital District Parent Pages.

Maybe because we move more slowly and have more time to listen, we grandparents are often treated to tidbits of wisdom from our grandchildren. The following stories, involving talks at the table with our favorite tots, are all true. They have to be true because they would be impossible to make up!

Nana was busy with Ellie’s baby brother so the 3-year-old asked her grandfather to come sit with her for a tea party. To make her request more attractive, she said, “Grandpa if you come to my tea party, I’ll let you be the boss.” He agreed, sat down at the little table and reached for the teapot. “No, you can’t do that,” his granddaughter corrected him. “Why not? You said I could be the boss.” “Yes, you are the boss, Grandpa, but I am the director!”

Moral: Children learn the language they live with and a smart child will use words correctly!

Four-year-old Mae sat next to her grandmother at a restaurant in the city when a shady guy walked by their table and addressed the little girl. “Hey little girl, I’m going to play the numbers. What’s your favorite number?” Grandmother protectively answered for her granddaughter: “Her favorite number is four. Good luck with your bet.” When the man left, the little girl stood on her chair, with hands on hips, and protested. “Nonni, why did you tell that man my favorite number is four?” Nonni didn’t know what to say. “You have a favorite number?” “Yes,” she answered, “and it is not four!” “What is your favorite number?” Nonni was curious now. “My favorite number is 18.” “Eighteen? Why 18?” “Every time I ask Mommy if I can do something, she always says, ‘Not until you are 18.’”

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