Letter: Dem Committee out of touch

Editor, The Spotlight:

Dear Registered Dems,

These are exciting times that are long overdue! Through the efforts of many frustrated Democratic voters, we hope to see change in the operation and policies of the Bethlehem Democratic Committee. Many of us have been highly disappointed by the bad decisions arrived at in secret by this Committee and its leadership which purports to represent us. The Reform Democrats believe that openness and honesty are needed to bring true grassroots representation to the committee.

As a registered Dem, give yourself a short test:

1) Who is your Democratic Committee person?

2) When did that committee person last talk to you?

3) Do they even live in your neighborhood?

4) Do you know how they became a Committee person (i.e., did they go to the voters for support, or were they merely appointed by the Party Chair)?

5) Have they ever asked your opinion about candidates, endorsements or policies?

6) Most importantly, do you like the decisions the Party has made on your behalf for Town elections?

Representation is a two way street. As a registered Dem, you participate by voting in primaries and general elections, but the choices are often made for you by the Committee. Your Party Committee needs to actively and openly lay the groundwork for candidates and policies by identifying themselves, seeking their constituents opinions and concerns, and making their actions transparent so we, the Registered Democratic Voters can interact with them.

The recent years’ elections have illustrated how out of touch the Bethlehem Democratic Committee and its leadership can be with the constituents it should be representing. Committee members can be selected directly by the voters, which is what the Reform Democrats are urging. Let’s support a Committee that will listen and act according to the will of the people!

John Smolinsky

Deputy supervisor, Bethlehem

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