Letter: County budget unacceptable

The people of this county will remember that you exceeded the tax cap. They will know that you did not do your best to avoid a tax increase that is completely irresponsible. They are not ignorant and they are paying attention. Let’s call out the elephant in the room, the fact that the legislature has seven seats open in various areas of the county next year. Of course, the sitting legislators would like to say “Well, we raised taxes last year but this year we aren’t! See how responsible we are with your tax dollars? Reelect me now!”

I say, you are not being responsible with our tax dollars. To keep closing budgetary gaps with fund balances and delivering 0% tax increases for years and then to “realize” that you are faced with falling revenues and fund balances and now it’s an emergency is untenable. Not one person wants to see their taxes go up even one penny. But the bottom line is, stuff just cost more every year.

So, small increases are more tolerable for us as taxpayers and easier to swallow. I urge you to redouble your efforts and cut spending and fat from your budget. Hard choices are before you and I do not envy your task, for it is one we have undertaken for 3 years in Glenville. If Glenville can do it, so can Schenectady County.

Councilwoman Gina M. Wierzbowski

Town of Glenville

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