Editorial: Ballston: Take a stand

Supervisor Patti Southworth did put forward a resolution that would presumably have kept things alive, but it was not a resolution cementing the town’s position. She called for a November public referendum on the issue — which we are sad to say is exactly the sort of “don’t hold me responsible” attitude that brought about this ignominius end. It’s an action, just not the right one.

Now there is renewed concern among the people of Burnt Hills that the Cappiello property will be developed as housing or a strip mall. The family’s real estate agent tells us the buyer has no such aspirations, and that’s quite nice, but it says nothing about whether the property will be chopped up or if desires will change sometime in the future.

Of course, pretty much any project on the Cappiello property would have to come at least to the town’s Planning Board, and possibly to the Town Board if a drastic zoning change is required. We hope members of the board will remember recent events if they find themselves staring at such a proposal, and that members of the public will be able to keep those unwilling to take a stand from sitting at the Town Board table.

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