Letter: Town Board Election not over yet

Editor, The Spotlight:

The Bethlehem Democrat’s squabble is over for the moment, a scant 1/3 of the registered Democrats could stir themselves enough to get out and vote in the Primary and then the victory of Reinhardt by a 33-vote margin can hardly be called resounding. Now the rest of us can have something to say about who is the next Town Board member.

I am sure Mr. Reinhardt is a nice man but do we need another double dipping retired state bureaucrat in Town Government? There is a Republican in the running and it will be up to him to present himself to the electorate as a viable option. He does come from the private sector which may be something we need. Remember there are 13,798 other registered voters in Bethlehem as well as a goodly number of disaffected Democrats (for sure). The results of the Democratic Primary do not have to be the final word.

The question is whether the voters of Bethlehem consider this important enough to act. With a proposal for an 8 percent tax increase in the next budget I am betting yes.

Philip W. Carter


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