Editorial: Take an honest look, lawmakers

Some might argue governments should not operate with business plans, that it is instead government’s role to protect the most vulnerable parts of our society. There is a lot of truth in that, but it is also true private industry is often able to accomplish what government is capable of for far less. Upstate Services Group has made a name for itself by doing just that.

McCoy is correct in pointing to unfunded mandates for the majority of the tax burden on residents. Things like Medicaid, pension costs and public assistance together make up the entire property tax levy — but this is not going to change. Attacking that problem with efficiency measures like spending less on copier paper is like facing down a charging elephant with a BB gun.

So when Albany County’s 39 legislators flip open this plan, we call for them to read it with an open mind instead of approaching it with a determination already set by politics. A budget plan that closes a gaping shortfall should be given more than a cursory examination — it should be studied and vetted in public light. After all, it’s just crazy enough to work.

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