Letter: Candidate wants to ‘set the record straight’

Editor, The Spotlight:

It’s time to set the record straight. Unfortunately, my opponent, State Assembly candidate Tom Quackenbush, has been telling flat-out lies about my record, while “ducking” his own.

Recently, Mr. Quackenbush sent out yet another misleading campaign mailer. This one insinuated that I voted to exceed the governor’s property tax cap. That’s a lie. The truth is, I voted against an override of the cap because I know our families can’t afford an increase and shouldn’t be forced to pay more.

Meanwhile, during his time on the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, Mr. Quackenbush voted to increase property taxes six times – a whopping 44 percent.1 He also voted to increase his pay by over 43 percent on the county board and by 66 percent as the mayor of Fort Plain. And to top it off, Mr. Quackenbush spent down the reserve fund to almost nothing on the county board of supervisors.

I’m proud of my record because unlike Mr. Quackenbush, I’ve never voted to raise property taxes. In fact, I’ve voted to cut taxes twice. I’ve also worked to keep the reserve fund strong to cover unexpected expenses in the future. And, I’ve never voted to increase my legislative pay and I never will.

Another thing Mr. Quackenbush won’t talk about is how he testified before the Governors mandate relief commission back on Feb. 24, 2012 and said, “let us raise our sales tax by an additional percent or two, for every percent, that would mean 6 million dollars for us.” Taxpayers would pay even higher taxes for everyday necessities so government can have more money to spend. My philosophy is very different. I believe the government needs to tighten its belt and spend less just like the rest of us. That’s why I’m running for state Assembly and why I’m running on my record of cutting taxes and never voting to raise my own pay.

Angelo Santabarbara

Candidate for State Assembly

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