Lions and llamas and burgers, oh my!

Dave’s Pizza & Burgers offers meat choices you’re unlikely to find elsewhere

Dave's Pizza and Burgers offers exotic meats like llama, kangaroo and antelope.

Dave's Pizza and Burgers offers exotic meats like llama, kangaroo and antelope. Photo by Marcy Velte.

— “I have the best vegetarian burger on planet earth. Guaranteed, no doubt about it.” Khan said. “I import the batter from North India, made with chick peas and some other beans. I make a powder like flour and add fresh vegetables and my 27 different spices, including garlic and ginger.”

Since taking over the former Mama Mia pizzeria, Khan wants to continue the pizza legacy through his own take on the form. Similar to the burgers, some of the exotic meat, including alligator and python, can be added to the pizzas. For more pinpointed service, customers can also order pizzas exactly to their liking, whether it is crispy, non-crispy, soft, burnt, over-cooked, etc. Khan said they also want to offer several different cheeses.

“We’re going to give (customers) options now. We don’t want to just cook the pizza and say, ‘Here’s the pizza,’” Khan said.

Khan said people have been responding “like crazy” to the new restaurant.

Nick Hill, of Clifton Park, said he drove by the burger site one day and had to stop in.

“I was amazed by the menu. (The food) is amazing,” Hill said. “I’ve only tried the Kobe and bison, but even his steak and cheese … I was surprised by the high quality of meat in a simple steak and cheese,” Hill said.

As for the rest of the options on the menu, Hill said he plans to start “knocking off the list.”

And for Khan, regardless of a busy or slow day, he said he’ll cook all day for work, and then go home and cook some more.

“I’m addicted to cooking,” he said.

Dave’s Pizza and Burger is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 7 p.m. Delivery is available with a $2 fee.

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lions 3 years, 3 months ago

Word on the street is the restaurant owner is now telling people (now that he is getting angry calls) that he is not selling lion and never was - apparently just charging $75 and telling people it was lion. Either way, shame on him. He is either a liar or a coward.


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