Confusion surrounds forum

Event cancelled, but two 46th Senate District candidates show

— On Friday, Aug. 31, he said he probably should have just backed out of moderating the event rather than announcing the forum as canceled. Since Arias Miranda had organized the forum, Pampinella said he didn’t want to appear to support one candidate over the others.

“I didn’t want to be seen as biased or favoring one candidate or another, so I choose to step back, basically,” he said.

He said there was “never any push” not to hold the forum from Tkaczyk and she only expressed her concerns on why she wouldn’t attend it.

Tkaczyk could not be reached for comment.

Arias Miranda said the League of Women Voters said it was “too busy” to provide a moderator.

“They are hosting everything else except this,” she said.

She said it was “unfortunate” Tkaczyk didn’t want to attend the forum. Dolan declined to comment on the matter.

Candidates disagree on little

The forum went on with two candidates and was cordial. Both expressed concerns over many similar issues and found little to disagree on.

“We were not attacking each other or the candidate that was not here,” Dolan said. “We talked solely about the issues.”

Both candidates agreed there should be a state ban on hydraulic fracturing and that the state should be run more efficiently.

They did differ on spending cuts.

Dolan said he would support spending cuts to the war on drugs and marijuana.

“I think incarcerating people for marijuana offenses is a waste of tax dollars,” he said. “I don’t know how much it would save, but I know it is very costly.”

Also, he said if tax breaks are given to companies and developers based on the amount of jobs to be created, then the government should follow through to make sure the claims are followed.

Arias Miranda said she doesn’t support discretionary spending and “pork money.” She said there is no way to track the money being spent. Also, she doesn’t think legislators should get meals and travel stipends.

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