Letter: Kindlon would be welcome change

Editor, The Spotlight:

This time eight years ago Democratic voters within Albany County were evaluating two candidates who were vying for their support on the run up to primary day. The incumbent had an established track record which voters could evaluate. Back then I was, and I believe many others were, fatigued with what seemed like a separate set of justice being administered by the D.A.’s Office.

We were promised eight years ago by challenger David Soares that cronyism within the D.A’s office would end under a Soares administration. Voters provide Soares an opportunity to prove himself (twice).

Now, with nearly two completed terms in office, incumbent David Soares has a record for voters to evaluate which includes; the steroids bust in Florida (he is facing a series of lawsuits on this) Nexium (can’t summarize this), Hevesi (no jail time), Troopergate (shoddy investigative work), Spitzer (wire fraud) and Patterson’s Yankee tickets. In my opinion, when offered a qualified candidate for this extremely important office – we can’t lend a blind eye to an incumbent who is either disinterested or afraid to take on politically charged matters vigorously– with all of the might it’s Public Integrity Unit provides. When political corruption is not thoroughly / competently investigated and effectively are “brushed under the rug “ within the D.A.’s office - so goes the people’s confidence in the system.

Democrats in this community should realize we have a very strong alternative in candidate- Lee Kindlon. He is from our community. He has gone into the communities throughout Albany County so as to provide voters an opportunity to learn who he is and what his priorities would be under a Kindlon administration. He is an experienced trial lawyer and I believe the best person to represent not only Democrats but all constituents within Albany County. Lastly, but just as importantly, having served his country as a Marine stationed overseas should move any voter who may be on the fence to Kindlon’s side. I urge Democrats to cast their support behind Lee Kindlon on Primary Day.

Sean Raleigh


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