BC sticking to reduced bus stops

Troubles attributed to normal hiccups

— Paul and Linda Hulslander said the place their grandchildren are picked up has no sidewalk or place for kids to stand. He asked the board for the exact specifications used to determine what locations were appropriate to be used as stops.

According to the district, the locations were set by feeding criteria like the grade level and addresses of students into an electronic mapping process. Determinations on the suitability of the stops were then made by the transportation staff.

Karam said based on concerns from parents, some locations may be changed.

“Tackling transportation of students is a huge logistical process,” he said. “It’s not a simple A to B situation. Our main concern is safety, followed by efficiency.”

BC Superintendent Tom Douglas said he thought the overall change was going well and concerns are still being addressed.

In the first days of classes, several buses were late arriving to and from schools and some buses were crowded, but Karam said is that is to be expected.

“Parents have legitimate concerns no different than the start of any school year,” he said. “But the district is committed to centralized bus stops and we’re making it work.”

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aurel 2 years, 4 months ago

I don't really know what to think about this. Somehow reducing some bus stops can be better for the cars because they save more gas and when the weather is harsh the people can reach faster a certain destination. I guess that it depends of how long is bus stop. My father worked at auto donations and i remember that someone asked for a bus because he wanted to make his own route.


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