Letter: Time for town Dems to unite as one group

Editor, The Spotlight:

It seemed inevitable that the long brewing intra-party battle among town Democrats would spill into the public sphere. The difficult primary elections are over however, and the Bethlehem Democratic Committee is now an amalgamation of veteran as well as new talent and new ideas.

It is time for everyone to allow the dust to settle and to eschew any further infighting. It is time for graciousness and goodwill to emanate from all involved. A unified party will be a strengthened party. Let’s all appreciate the dedicated community service that has come from so many over so many years and let’s all work together to build an even better Bethlehem.

Paul Tick


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teachdaddy 3 years ago

After reading countless letters promoting all the different recent primary candidates, I wonder about the writers. Besides advocating for their own candidate, I don't see many of them trying to improve the town's problems. For example, where are they on the current traffic situation, with the backups on CherryAve. from Kenwood to Delaware Aves., the insistence of people to turn left from Delaware to Kenwood going west, the absence of turning lanes at that intersection, the inability of drivers to access Bender Lane from Rt. 9W, and the condition of Kenwood, which is is now impassable during and after a heavy rain? Or how about the drinking water, which may be meeting standards, but tastes and smells unmistakably of chlorine? And how about the lack of sidewalks even in the new developments, which the town assured was going to change? Good government advocates --is the election of your candidate the end of the effort?


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