Altamont holds tax levy flat

Board adopts $2.1M budget, sewer fee increasing by $90 annually

— “We haven’t really increased things that much. We have kind of kept a flat line on everything to keep things down,” Gaughan said.

Customers of the village’s sewer system will be seeing an increase in the semi-annual fee. It is estimated to rise by $45 per billing period, amounting to a total of $90,000 more revenue coming to the village annually. Sewer bills are sent out twice a year, and are scheduled to account for $440,000 in revenue in 2013-14.

Gaughan said he has warned residents over the last two years that an increase in the sewer fees would be implemented to help pay for the mandated renovations to its facilities. Each year, for 30 years, the village will pay around $200,000 annually toward the bonded project.

The village’s library contribution is increasing by the requested $1,200 to total $41,200.

Gaughan said staff turnovers have resulted in some small savings for the village and there has been a slight increase in revenue coming to the general fund outside of taxes. In general, he said the village’s fiscal responsibility allowed for no property tax levy increase.

“We instituted two to three years ago some severe restrictions … the continuation of those multi-year restrictions on spending has kept us with our head above water,” Gaughan said. “It has been a combination of belt tightening and continued looking at every little thing.”

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