Grimm aims for Guilderland's top post

Former town councilman announces town supervisor bid

— “I find out what the facts are and I tell people the truth and that is what they come to respect about me,” Grimm said.

Runion said he doesn’t believe there is much Grimm can point to as accomplishments.

“I don’t believe he had a real record on the Town Board,” Runion said. “I don’t recall him coming in with any kind of proposals or suggestions that would have made life in Guilderland better.”

Grimm believes residents are ready for a change in town government, but Runion doubted Grimm's assertion.

“I haven’t heard anything to that affect, but those are the sound bites that any candidate for office is going to come out with,” Runion said.

There are approximately 3,000 more active registered Democratic voters than active registered Republicans in Guilderland as of April 1, according to the state Board of Elections. The total amount of registered Democrats in the town is around 9,850 and there are approximately 6,500 registered Republicans.

Approximately 1,330 Guilderland residents are active registered Independents, with the vast majority of those registered being active, according to the state Board of Elections. Within the town there are just over 24,900 registered voters, with 1,745 inactive voters.

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markgrimm 2 years, 9 months ago

For those who want more detail, a long list of my Town Board accomplishments has been posted online. Please view when you can. Thanks. -- Mark Grimm http://www.markgrimm.com/GuilderlandTownBoard/2013homepage.php


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