EDITORIAL: Let the children play

As for the lights themselves, they shouldn’t pose a problem for Memory Gardens. These days, athletic field lights are engineered to shine directly onto the action. The amount of light pollution leaking from the fields is minimal. And generally speaking, funerals are not held in the evening. Odds are, visitors to Memory Gardens will not see the lights from the soccer complex when they are turned on for evening games.

There are always the traffic concerns. The area of Watervliet-Shaker Road where Memory Gardens is located and Nezaj wants to place his soccer complex is a tricky one, as the road narrows from four to two lanes before widening again at the intersection with New Karner Road. However, Nezaj said he plans to build his entrance at the intersection of Watervliet-Shaker and Sand Creek roads, where the roadbed is currently wide enough to have turning lanes in both directions. Also, there is a traffic light at that intersection. It would just need to have a light devoted to the soccer park entrance to properly control the traffic flow.

Beyond the light and the turning lanes, traffic around youth soccer complexes doesn’t differ much from traffic around youth baseball complexes or schools. You’ll have some busy times as parents take their children to and from the fields, but it will be staggered. And with weekday games starting around the tail end of rush hour (5:30 to 6 p.m.), it shouldn’t add too many more vehicles to that part of Colonie.

Nezaj seems willing to do what he can to address the concerns being brought up by Memory Gardens and its supporters.

“I respect what they do; they should respect what I do,” Nezaj said in a Nov. 13 article in the Colonie Spotlight.

If the soccer complex is approved, though, the Town of Colonie should hold Nezaj to his promises of being a good neighbor. After all, it’s easy to make those promises when you want something; it’s another thing to follow through.

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