Sidewalks, train traffic top talk in Selkirk

Residents bemoan lack of progress at community forum

— He said one train removes about 280 trucks off the highway and one ton of freight can be moved 450 miles on one gallon of fuel.

Residents raised concerns ranging from noise, the idling of trains close to homes, the volume of trains entering the yard and increased road traffic as the volume of trucks in the area picking up and dropping off supplies has increased.

O’Connell said a plan is still on the table to create a separate train bypass to allow trains that don’t need to stop to move quickly through the area. Those discussions are ongoing.

As far as noise, O’Connell said it is a state safety regulation for all trains to blown their horns at rail crossings. The town can file with the federal government to have a study performed so the area can become a quiet zone. Officials said the company is working to reduce other noise coming from the yard such as the loading of trains and mechanical work and is also looking to reduce the idling of trains in the area because that also is costly.

Clarkson said he felt the meeting was a success. Additional forums will be scheduled in the near future, with the next targeted for North Bethlehem.

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february 2 years, 7 months ago

Another topic that was discussed at the fire house meeting was regarding the 6.5 million dollar figure given to the residents of Selkirk who request help in obtaining a grant to help fund new sewer on cottage lane, part of maple ave and part of beaver dam rd in Selkirk. Also help for the many residents who have to pump out water in their basements,etc. these two topics are just as important as the concern for sidewalks and Selkirk bypass.


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