Editorial: What’s in a wage?

The Affordable Care Act was founded on the best of principles and aimed at solving a terrible social injustice. And so is a proposal to increase the minimum wage.

So how to avoid the seemingly inevitable pitfall of further straining businesses? We say the way out of this apparent unsolvable quandary is clear.

Increase the minimum wage to a more livable level (even a $9-per-hour job is still tough going in many places), but couple that with meaningful changes to meaningless labor regulations and cuts to payroll taxes. In order to ensure this does not fuel corporate largesse, restrict these changes to small businesses.

Though the common theme we’re fed pits government against business as the champion of the working man, we’d wager many if not most employers would rather pass higher wages to their workers (ensuring happier and more competent people) than send the money to the tax man.

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