POV: Beating the homesick blues

It turns out, the worst that could happen didn’t, and I did get a part in the play. Through rehearsals and eventually the show I made my group of friends at college that helped me overcome my homesickness.

Being able to go out and experience something new can be a challenge to many new college students and graduating seniors getting ready for college. In my case it took a friendly wager and a bit of luck. However, there is one thing that can make it easier on those who are transitioning, a golden window of opportunity that is entirely unique to the college lifestyle. It is in the first two weeks of starting at a new college that you can walk up to a group of strangers, introduce yourself, and walk away with new friends. The reason is that all new college students are looking for friends, everyone is searching for their niche and just about everyone misses home in some capacity.

Students who have told me that they simply sat in their rooms all day, the ones who felt alone and homesick and thus left their schools, are the students who missed out on those golden two weeks without borders between people. They are the students who didn’t get out and challenge their comfort zones, didn’t tackle new experiences and ultimately didn’t beat their homesickness.

What many people forget is that homesickness is an entirely normal thing to experience when taking those first tenuous steps out of the family home, but it doesn’t take a trip home to cure it. In fact, leaving for the weekend is something that, when done often, can lend to making feelings of homesickness worse. Many major parts of college social life occur on weekends and leaving to go home causes students to miss out and become excluded from the rest of their peers. A simple phone call can be just as effective in eliminating feelings of homesickness as a trip home can and is much less disruptive.

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