County ditches timecards

— “It will be all secure,” said Veitch. “No one will be able to access any information,”

Secondly, Veitch appreciated the level of service the company will provide. He said none of the services will be outsourced.

“We looked at who would provide the best service at a comparable cost,” said Veitch. “They were the highest bidder, but were the best option all around.”

Veitch said the company would also give the county ownership of the equipment at the end of the five-year contract. The equipment will use biometric information like fingerprints or eye scans, making it less likely an employee might “cheat” the system.

The Saratoga County Supervisors voted to approve the new system at a Tuesday, Jan. 15, board meeting. Once the contract with M. M. Hayes is signed, Veitch expects the system will be up and running within in two or three months, but said a conservative start date would be late May or early June.

Despite the possibility of savings, Veitch said there will be no layoffs attached to the change.

“Our plan is to not lay off existing payroll employees but to use them more efficiently within the job functions they have,” he said.

Saratoga County Administrator Spencer Hellwig agreed that the new system will save a lot of time and money.

“The time and attendance system makes sense to become automated,” he said. “Overall, records will be much more accessible in terms of where employees are at and over time, there will be a savings in accurate record keeping.”

Alan Grattidge, the Chairman of the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors, also believes the savings will be significant.

“This is a modern system that will give us a much better handle on efficiencies and keeping track of the different departments,” he said. “In the past all this was done manually. You could never see anything in real time”

Grattidge said the new system would allow departments to see what is going on, who is punching in late or taking a sick day they are not entitled to. He also said the new system will provide ways to improve efficiency in the county operations.

“I’m looking forward to seeing improvements in money and time,” he said. “Over time, the system will save the county money and make the system more efficient. That translates into savings.”

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