Spa City looks for Complete Streets money

— “There’s no way to safely reach them via sidewalks,” she said. “In the winter you are standing in snowbanks at the stops. It’s a situation where what needs to better happen to enhance that mode of transportation.”

Maynard added there has been more development in the city, so potentially there is an opportunity for more people to ride the bus.

Another overall goal is to balance parking needs so people driving their cars past a bus stop could instead easily walk, bike and take the transit and not have to take up space with their car.

“It’s looking at everything at that level for those users of those modes of transportation,” she said. “What’s lacking, what needs to happen, and move forward for those things,”

Maynard said the grant application has already been sent out and the city will know in February if it was approved.

If it is approved, the next step would be for the City Council to view any information regarding the scope of work, and oversee the study. Maynard anticipated the study would take six to nine months. She anticipated the study might recommend multi-use paths in rural areas, shoulders on each side of the road for biking in more congested areas, or sidewalks and trails where appropriate.

“It’s looking at that context,” she said. “That’s really where the plan, the involvement level of fact and carrying it out is what’s suitable for the city in moving forward, some alternatives and how to actually implement that.”

Maynard said the city is also looking forward to marketing Complete Streets and educating the public. That could be through signage or other ways to physically demonstrate to people the infrastructure.

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