LETTER: GOP brass tried to blackmail King

Fortunately, I can re-instate my appeal. Understandably, because of the considerable effort and expense involved, I have avoided completing my appeal, but because of the actions of the corrupt Albany County Republican leadership, I will work with my Connecticut attorney to put my case back on the Connecticut Appellate Court docket and either reverse the convictions or agree on a settlement with prosecutors that accomplishes the same thing. This process may be lengthy, longer than the election season.

I hope my fellow Bethlehem citizens will see the truth and the principles for which I fought, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. This single quixotic but misguided act happened 20 years ago, when I was a young adult, whereas Mr. Kermani’s extortion attempt is current. Shameful.

I hope my fellow Bethlehem Republicans will realize that the Albany County Republican Party is in the sorry state it is in because the Albany County Republican Party leadership is as corrupt as it is and will join me in doing something about it so that Bethlehem Republicans and Bethlehem’s citizens can have a better future. Please contact me at jared@jaredking.org.

Jared King


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