LETTER: Jared King is unfit for office

Jared King is a convicted felon who was charged with third degree larceny and second degree forgery, stemming from a check forgery scandal. He was also sued for failing to pay credit card bills and is currently driving on a suspended license. Moreover, despite being a permanent resident of Coxsackie, Greene County, he used an address in Delmar to register to vote. Simply stated, Jared King is not being forthcoming with the public about his record or his past.

While I would have preferred to write about more meaningful matters, Jared’s antics have made it necessary to respond. Besides, Bethlehem residents have a right to know they cannot entrust its town finances and policies in the hands of an individual who believes he is above the law.

The Albany County GOP stands for the elimination of corruption in government and working toward the greater good. Given Jared King’s criminal history, along with his continued efforts to discredit volunteers, demonstrates that he is ill-suited, ill-tempered and unfit to represent Bethlehem residents. It is for that reason the local Republican Party is not supporting Jared King for public office.

Rachel Bledi

Chairwoman, Albany County Republican Party

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