Candidate’s past comes to light

GOP finds evidence King resides in Coxsackie and has criminal record

— King was registered since 2007 with the Albany County Board of Elections at 22 Paxwood Road in Delmar, an address that he has used to vote regularly in general elections and Republican primaries since then. He made a 2007 run for Albany County Legislature from that address. The town’s assessment rolls list the property owner as Patricia King, who is Jared King’s sister.

After reviewing the challenge, both Republican Election Commissioner Rachel Bledi and Democratic Election Commissioner Matthew Clyne agreed to remove King from the voter rolls.

“We’re pretty lenient in terms of proving residency, but at the same time there has to be some kind of physical attachment,” said Bledi, who is also the Albany County Republican Committee Chairwoman.

King, however, said he lives at 22 Paxwood Road and has for years. He said he moved there to assist his ailing mother and changed his address with the DMV. He soon thereafter changed it over to the Coxsackie address upon getting a traffic ticket from Bethlehem police.

“I am not here in my life just to pay tickets to the Town of Bethlehem for kicks,” King said.

He argued his sister maintains ownership of the Delmar property, and he keeps the Coxsackie property mainly for technical and tax purposes but asserted he lays his head in Delmar and has been part of the Bethlehem community since 2007.

King also argued the Board of Elections needed to send him notice of its intent to purge him from the voter rolls and give him 14 days to respond.

Practically speaking, the board’s finding means King is off of the county Republican Committee. Coxsackie is not only in Greene County, but also in the neighboring 102nd Assembly District.

Bledi said the committee first became aware of King’s residency issue during the interview process for this year’s local election endorsements. King had sought the party’s nod for Bethlehem supervisor, and he handed out a copy of a resume listing his Coxsackie address as part of the interview process. The resume lists King as the president of New World Financial Group, which at least one online business directory listed as being located at his home address in Coxsakie using the phone number listed on King’s resume.

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