A cool treat awaits at Glenmont’s 16 Handles

Frozen yogurt store is an inviting place to chill out with friends and family

— It’s hard to beat relaxing with friends over dessert. But how about designing that dessert yourself with 16 flavors of frozen yogurt and a selection of over 50 toppings? Kerry Gunner, franchise owner of the new 16 Handles do-it-yourself frozen yogurt store in Glenmont, New York says that she was drawn to the 16 Handles brand over the others because of the superior product and the values established by CEO Solomon Choi. Choi emphasizes the importance of being part of the community: a gathering place where folks can be comfortable and have fun. Gunner has embraced the brand’s dedication to creating an environment where people can count on being welcomed by friendly staff whose priority is to create a positive experience for guests. The brand’s commitment to bettering the environment also attracted Gunner to 16 Handles. For every store, corporate facilitates the planting of 16 trees every day, and most store packaging and supplies are recyclable or compostable.

Gunner has resided in the Bethlehem community for nearly 40 years, where she has raised her 17-year-old son, Sean, now a senior at Bethlehem High School. The appeal to Gunner and her son, who is a supervisor at the store, was to build something for the community they love – a store they could be proud of. Gunner’s standard of excellence began with the hiring and training of her staff. Headed up by General Manager Jeff Baker and Gunner herself, the top-notch staff exemplifies excellence. A warm welcome, an exceptionally clean environment and the freshest of ingredients are what you will consistently find at this store. When 16 Handles Glenmont opened its doors on April 13 of this year, Gunner immediately began donating and contributing to various local fundraisers. The Glenmont 16 Handles is a place where people of all ages come to create and enjoy their one-of-a-kind treat, day or night, after school or work, or following community events such as school concerts, craft shows, tournaments and banquets.

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